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Total and the UN's sustainable development goals

In 2015, the United Nations adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals acknowledge the decisive role corporations can play in economic development and growth and ask 
them to show creativity and innovation in finding solutions to global sustainable development challenges.

Total considers the SDGs to be an opportunity to better measure and value its contribution to society as a whole. The Group manages its activities and assesses its performance on three sustainable development pillars: financial results (Profit), the creation of value for stakeholders (People) and the preservation of ecosystems (Planet).

In 2016, TOTAL committed to contributing to the achievement of the SDGs. To this end, the Group started by identifying the goals to which it already contributes, in particular through the following initiatives:


Climate change (SDG 13)
In May 2016, Total published a detailed report specifying how climate-related challenges are integrated in its strategy, and setting a 20-year ambition that takes into account the IEA’s Sustainable Development Scenario (2°C). An update of this report was published in 2018.




Decent work and human rights (SDGs 8 and 16)
In July 2016, Total became the first oil and gas company to publish a detailed report specifying how the Group incorporates respect for human rights in its activities. Total strives to communicate transparently and indicate which actions have been taken to rise to the challenges the Group is facing. An update of this report was published in 2018.


Access to energy (SDG 7)
Total’s ambition is to supply affordable energy to growing populations.




Biodiversity (SDGs 14 and 15)
Total pursues an active policy to reduce the environmental footprint of its activities by paying particularly close attention to protected and sensitive zones.


In 2017, Total launched a project to identify and prioritize the SDGs to which it can make the most significant contribution and make public commitments in a show of its support for the United Nations’ recommendations for the implementation of the SDGs.

In 2017, the Global Compact appointed Total’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer as an SDG Pioneer in recognition of the commitments made by the Group for driving partnerships for low carbon investments.

PP pionnier.jpg

Total also actively contributed to the definition by IPIECA of a common framework describing the contributions that the oil industry can make to the SDGs.

Information on the Group’s current contributions per SDG can be found on the Group’s website in the section  Reporting/Sustainable Development Goals.

The SDG pictograms are included in "Our Commitments" section to illustrate Total’s contributions.