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Our CSR reports

Total's financial and non-financial reporting is mainly driven by the Annual Registration Document. 
More specifically, in regards to its sustainability strategy and policies, Total discloses its social, societal and environmental information through the following sections:

  • Integrated report (Chapter 1 of the Registration Document) which highlights the Group's ambition, its business model, its long-term vision and its commitments
  • A report gathering social, environmental and societal information (Chapter 5 of the Registration Document), the content of which was reproduced in the segments "Our Commitments" and "Indicators" of this website
  • A vigilance plan that aims to present the due diligence measures implemented within the Group to identify risks and prevent serious violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, indiduals' health and safety and the environment resulting from the Group's activity


These annual reports are supplemented by dedicated thematic reports:

Climate Report 2018.jpg


HR Briefing paper 2018 update.jpg



Lastly, through its membership to different initiatives or reference frameworks, the Group publishes dedicated reports:

Global Reporting Index - GRI
Global Compact's Communications on Progress
Sustainable Development Goals - SDG
VPSHR logo.png
Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights – VPSHR 
CDP Climate Change & Water