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Total and the Sustainable Development Goals


The United Nations, whose member States adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, have called upon corporations’ contribution to collectively find solutions to sustainable development challenges.

Total has committed since 2016 to contributing to the SDGs and has structured its approach to responsible development in order to make a more significant contribution to the SDGs.

A CSR approach in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals

Total is present in more than 130 countries. The nature of its activities and its geographical footprint in complex environments place the Group at the junction of a range of society’s concerns relating to people, the environment or business ethics. Faced with these challenges, Total’s ambition is to become the responsible energy major.

Total intends to conduct its activities following a Corporate Social Responsibility approach that responds to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Group has identified the most significant SDGs for its activities in order to focus its efforts on the segments in which it is able to make a direct contribution.

Total therefore considers the SDGs as an opportunity to better measure and assess its contribution to society as a whole.

The Group builds its CSR approach on the basis of its four pillars of action for sustainable development, namely the integration of the climate in its strategy, the preservation of the environment, respect for and the mobilization of employees and suppliers and its contribution to the economic development of its host regions.




To better understand Total’s contribution to each of the SDGs, a reporting index is available in the section: Reporting - Sustainable Development Goals


In 2017, the Global Compact appointed Total’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer as an SDG Pioneer in recognition of the commitments made by the Group for driving partnerships and investing in low carbon energies.

Total actively works on each of its CSR pillars in order to make its development a vehicle of progress that benefits as many people as possible and to be a factor of positive change for the societies and regions where it is present.

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