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Creating and sharing value


Energy, an essential resource, accompanies the development of society. In view of the major challenges of today’s world, energy producers have a key role to play.

Total is an integrated energy group and one of the world’s largest. Through its international presence and its activities, Total’s has the intention to make its development a vehicle of progress that benefits as many people as possible and to be a factor of positive change for the societies and regions where it is present.

If Total is able to build and develop partnerships throughout the world, it is also because it has incorporated a local value creation process into its development model. This process is systematic, professional and a major competitive advantage.

The Group is building a global, integrated local development approach (“in-country value”) that is part of a dialogue with the local populations and public and private players. This approach creates synergies among all the value-creating elements for host countries (employment, subcontracting, infrastructure, support for local industries, socioeconomic development projects, education, access to energy, etc.) by promoting the Group’s industrial know-how. The Group intends to apply this approach over the long term to ensure that its presence in these regions and its major projects create shared prosperity.


Creating and sharing value