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Becoming the responsible energy major

Group's vision


Total is an integrated energy group and one of the world’s largest. Through its international presence and its activities, Total’s goal is to make its development a vehicle of progress that benefits as many people as possible.

Access to energy is a source of progress and the condition for economic and social development as well as for the improvement of the standard of living of people around the world. In most countries, and in the developing countries in particular, access to low-cost energy is thus a priority.

The Group’s vocation is to produce the energy that the world needs, and will need in the future, and to make it accessible to as many people as possible. This is a real challenge; close to one billion individuals(1) still have no access to electricity. By pursuing its mission, Total is committed  to contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations.

This vocation is to be accomplished in a responsible manner and by working to make an effective contribution to the climate change challenge, in particular.

Meeting the energy needs of a growing global population, providing tangible solutions to contribute limiting global warming, adapting to new patterns of energy production and consumption and changes to the expectations of customers and stakeholders constitute the challenges that a major energy player like Total can help to tackle.

To meet these challenges, Total’s ambition is to become the responsible energy major by contributing to supply to as many people as possible a more affordable, more available and cleaner energy:

  • more affordable – as low-cost energy is essential to favor the economic development of billions of people who seek to improve their living conditions;
  • more available – as people expect energy to be continuously available and accessible on a daily basis;
  • cleaner – as the Group aims to both reduce the environmental footprint and the CO2 emissions of its operations, and to actively contribute to finding solutions to limit the impact of climate change, particularly by providing its customers with a mix of energy products whose carbon intensity is expected to decrease regularly.

This ambition is embodied by the One Total Company project, which unites the various activities of the Group, its entities and all of its employees around a Company’s evolution process with the aim to supply energy to an ever-growing population, taking into account the challenges of climate change and new energy production and consumption patterns. This ambition is based on the values restated and shared by all, (Safety, Respect for Each Other, Pioneer Spirit, Stand Together and Performance-Minded). These values guide the Group’s actions.

The Company adheres to the United Nations Global Compact and the responsible development strategy of the Group is based, in particular, on taking into account the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in its operations. As such, Total intends to conduct its activities according to the following principles of:

  • ensuring the safety and security of people and the integrity of its facilities;
  • limiting its environmental footprint;
  • taking into account climate change challenges into its strategy;
  • incorporating the challenges of sustainable development in the management of its activities;
  • promoting equal opportunities and fostering gender and cultural diversity among its personnel;
  • respecting human rights and business ethics;
  • increasing its local foothold through stakeholders dialogue with the objective of creating shared value.

(1) Source: Energy Access Outlook 2018 published by the International Energy Agency (IEA).



Safety, integrity, respect for human rights, and societal and environmental responsibility are principles and values that form part of the Group’s operating processes. If Total is able to build and develop partnerships throughout the world, it is also because it has incorporated a local value creation process into its development model. This process is systematic, professional and a major competitive advantage.

Based on dialogue with the local population and public and private players, this process is used to identify development priorities and create synergies. The Group intends to apply this approach over the long term to ensure that its major projects create shared prosperity.

Beyond the societal initiatives that are directly related to the Group’s industrial and commercial activities, Total is committed to general interest measures in the countries where it operates. In the face of growing inequality and environmental challenges, the Group intends to strengthen its public interest initiatives and has implemented a new civic commitment policy in line with its history, its values and its businesses. It wishes to act in a way that ensures the vitality and sustainability of the territories in which the Group is present by favoring actions that benefit young people first.



For its reporting, Total refers to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and to the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) recommendations on climate. It also relates to the IPIECA guidance for environmental and societal issues.

Total also monitors its stakeholders’ perception of its Corporate Social Responsibility performance. The Group intends to organize its action through a lasting approach of dialogue and transparency vis-à-vis its stakeholders.

In terms of non-financial rating, Total has been included continuously in the FTSE4Good index (London Stock Exchange) since 2001 and in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World – New York Stock Exchange) since 2004. Total has been listed on DJSI Europe every year since 2005, except in 2015. Total is also in second place in the ranking produced in November 2018 by the CDP in its publication “Beyond the cycle – Which oil and gas companies are ready for the low-carbon transition?” In addition, 2018 saw the confirmation of the Gold status of the three Total commercial entities listed on the EcoVadis platform vis-à-vis their customers.

In 2018, Total was recognized as a “LEAD Company” by the Global Compact for its commitment to environmental and societal responsibility, amongst thirty other companies worldwide.

The Global Compact appointed Total’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer as an SDG Pioneer in 2017 in recognition of the commitments made by the Group for driving partnerships and investing in low carbon energies.

Total’s chairman and CEO’s commitments

The Future of energy : Patrick Pouyanne introduces Total's ambition

The Future of energy : Patrick Pouyanne on Total’s ambition

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The Board of Directors determines the strategic orientations of Total and supervises their implementation. It relies on the work of four Committees that is has constituted: the Audit Committee, the Governance and Ethics Committee, the Compensation Committee, the Compensation Committee and the Strategy & CSR Committee.

As of March 31st, 2019, the Board of Directors is composed of 12 directors, including 9 independent members elected for 3 years at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting; a director representing Total’s employee shareholders, a director representing employees and a lead independent director.

It reflects diversity and complementarity of experiences, expertise, nationalities and cultures necessary to take account of the interests of all the Group’s shareholders and stakeholders.


PP 2018

Integrating climate into our strategy

"At Total, we are pragmatically and sustainably diversifying our energy mix, with the conviction that pairing complementary forms of energy can yield synergies, create value and unleash technological advances."

Patricia Barbizet

Patricia Barbizet, Lead Independent Director

"The climate has been fully integrated into Total's business and strategic vision, as well as its organizational structure"