Value creation

To conduct our business and carry out our operations, in 2016 we rely on:

  • 102,168 employees.
  • A network of 140,000 suppliers. 
  • Investors, of which 87.2% are institutional investors, 7.9% individual shareholders and 4.9% employees.


Total has generated in 2016 149.7 billion US dollars in revenue, for an adjusted net income of 8.3 billion US dollars, and we reinvest a portion of our revenue as follows:

  • Gross capital expenditure of 20.5 billion US dollars.
  • 1.05 billion US dollars on R&D.
  • 1.26 billion US dollars on exploration.


Thus we have created in 2016 value for our stakeholders:

  • 8.2 billion US dollars in salaries and payroll expenses,
  • 2.8 billion US dollars in dividends paid to shareholders,
  • about 37 billion US dollars of goods and services purchased from suppliers,
  • 428 million US dollars in community spending.