Environmental targets

Targets aligned with the 2010-2020 period:

  • Reduce GHG emissions:
    - an 80% reduction of routine flaring(1) with the aim to eliminate it by 2030, and
    - an average 1% improvement per year in the energy efficiency of the Group’s operated facilities;
  • Decrease SO2 air emissions by 50%; and
  • Maintain hydrocarbon content of water discharges below:
    - 30 mg/l for offshore sites
    - 15 mg/l for onshore and coastal sites.

Environmental commitments

  • Develop Biodiversity Action Plans for production sites located in protected areas(2);
  • Do not conduct oil and gas exploration or production operations at natural sites included on the UNESCO World Heritage List(3) or in oil fields under sea ice in polar areas; and
  • Reclaim more than half of its waste and will continue its efforts in this area.

(1) Operated routine flaring, in accordance with the World Bank’s Zero Routine Flaring initiative.
(2) Sites located in a IUCN I to IV or Ramsar convention protected area.
(3) Natural sites included on the UNESCO World Heritage List of June 4, 2013.