03/20/2018 News

Apprenticeship of young people: Total commits itself by becoming the main partner of the "Production Schools" (Ecoles de Production) to reach the objective of "100 Production Schools for France"

Dominique Hiesse, President of the National Federation of Production Schools (FNEP) and Patrick Pouyanné, President and CEO of Total, have signed a partnership between Total Foundation and the Production Schools in France.


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Paris - Dominique Hiesse, President of the National Federation of Production Schools (FNEP) and Patrick Pouyanné, President and CEO of Total, have signed a partnership between Total Foundation and the Production Schools in France.

As part of a sponsorship agreement, the Total Foundation is committed to providing a financial support of €60 million in the upcoming 10 years to the FNEP. This long-term support will accelerate the development of the Production Schools in France, particularly for the industrial trades, and thus cover French territory, with at least one school per department.

The FNEP achieves concrete results in the qualification of early school leavers. Its ambition is to roll out a network of 100 Production Schools in the next 10 years, which means creating around 8 per year. This large-scale partnership, in line with the Total Foundation's work in terms of integration and qualification of young people, will create up to 6 new Production Schools per year.

The FNEP and the Total Foundation will thus offer hundreds of young people qualified and recognized training in the industry sector. In the long term, nearly 2000 young people will graduate each year from Production Schools.
"Total's support is a very important recognition that will mark the history of the Production Schools. This partnership with Total Foundation, thanks to the means available, will ensure and expand the future of our schools," said Dominique Hiesse, President of the National Federation of Production Schools. "The production schools are a real bulwark against dropping out of school since the idea is to do one's job by going to school and thus rediscover the pleasure of learning. In our Schools, young people work for real customers, from real orders, billed at market prices. At the end of their apprenticeship, it is as if they had worked for a company, so they are operational right away. Moreover, 100% of young people find work after leaving the Schools!"

"I am very proud that Total supports the Production Schools. These schools are recognized for their success in terms of learning and employing young people," declared Patrick Pouyanné, President and CEO of Total. "Some people may question the link between a multinational and these schools. I am convinced that a group like Total, one of the major players of globalization, has a duty to share its successes with the territories that have contributed to it. We are naturally attached to France, its industry and its youth. Combining the name of a large industrial company with this apprenticeship training will help to highlight these sectors, which are so important for young people's access to employment. The company is an actor of the City, with a social and citizen responsibility. By this substantial move for our young people and our territories, we demonstrate so by engaging ourselves concretely."

Beyond this partnership between Total Foundation and the Production Schools, Total has decided to support the development of apprenticeship by welcoming 1500 apprentices every year to the Group's various sites across France (about 5% of its workforce in the country).

About the "Production Schools"

  • The National Federation of Production Schools is a network of private, non-profit, state-recognized, technical education institutions. The FNEP has 25 production schools in France, which prepare more than 750 students for vocational state diplomas (CAP, BAC pro or professional certifications).
  • The Production Schools offer young people ranging from 15 to 18 years old a qualifying and insertive training based on a "do-to-learn" pedagogy. Students learn a job by manufacturing products or offering services to respond to real customer orders. These innovative learning methods promote the professional integration of young people. The Schools offer a variety of training for different jobs that recruit in various sectors of activity (industry, construction, automotive, digital, catering, woodworking and landscaping). https://www.ecoles-de-production.com 

About Total Foundation
Total's societal commitment is part of its ambition to become the responsible energy major. Total Foundation wishes to contribute, along with the Cities’ players, to the development of its host regions.
The Foundation works particularly with young people because it is essential to give them the means to build a better tomorrow.
It acts on four key areas for the development of host regions: Youth inclusion & skills, Road Safety, Forests & Climate, and Cultures & Heritage.
These programs are implemented and defined with actors identified for their experience allowing effective responses to the challenges of society.